Rising from the Ashes, The Roundtable Has Come Back Around Again

12.08.2020 09:15 AM By RPC Strategies LLC

Rising from the Ashes, The Roundtable Has Come Back Around Again

by Doug AustineDiscovery Today

Sure, there are plenty of companies out there providing educational webinars and other online resources, especially since the pandemic began and in-person events and activities were put on hold due to social distancing. So, why should you care about one more?  Because, in addition to a great reputation for putting on excellent educational events, they’re offering something that few others offer: hands-on training workshops.

The Roundtable by RPC Strategies, LLC, is new and not new at the same time.  Many of you may be familiar with the ESI Roundtable (ESIRT), which was founded by Melissa “Rogo” Rogozinski back in 2009 and conducted many legal technology educational events over several years. “It started with local judges, lawyers and me in Birmingham, literally sitting at a round dining room table over breakfast”, says Rogozinski.  “It reminded me of King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable, which is where the name originated.”

Having spoken at ESIRT events, I can share that the ones I was involved with were well organized and well attended, with excellent speakers.  So, what happened to ESIRT?

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